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Episode 050: Create a Servant's Heart


On this milestone EPISODE 50 that wraps up our Desires of Your Heart series, I’m talking about how to create and encourage a servant’s heart in our kiddos and ourselves!

When my parents named me Paige, which literally means “to serve,” my path was set. I’ve always loved finding a way to help, (selfishly) because I love the feeling I get when I can surprise someone with something they need, assist them in getting organized, or volunteer for a deserving cause. It fills up my heart with joy and excitement!

That’s exactly what I want my kids to and excitement when they find a way to serve others, using their God-given gifts.

I’m a firm believer in teaching them ways to help at a really young age. On this episode you’ll hear suggestions for ways they can serve and how to encourage and reward that behavior. Creating a servant’s heart in our kids will teach them to seek out blessings in helping others!

Be sure to read more about my Online Kids Course in the link below for more ideas about organizing your kids space, rewarding positive behavior, prepping healthy, yummy snacks and lunches on Sundays for the whole week in just 15 minutes, traveling and shopping with littles, and so much more!

Highlights from this episode:

{2:29} Introduction to creating a servant’s heart

{4:23} How doing the work you love never feels like a job

{6:42} Thinking about what God has given you as a gift

{7:52} How to identify your gifts and what you want to do more of

{9:04} How to create a servant’s heart in our children

{13:34} How to take what God has given us and use it to serve others

{15:50} Acknowledging a servant’s heart in others

{19:30} Giving kids opportunities to do wonderful things for the family and themselves

{21:35} Using the rockstar jar

Mentioned on this episode:

Wired That Way Personality Profile based on the teachings of Marita and Florence Littauer

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

A big thank you for listening! The Mom’s Organization Motivation Podcast has won BEST FAMILY PODCAST in the Podcasting For Business Awards 2021! Your support means the world to me and I hope you are enjoying the new podcast episodes each week as much as I enjoy producing them! Special thank you to Lynsay Anne Gould and her team for making it possible.

As an extension of this month’s Desires of Your Heart series I wanted to let you know about the end of each of my Online Courses. You’ll find the final module is focused on the heart. Here are the links to read more about each one.

For more resources to organize and style your busy life checkout the free videos, audios, checklists, and helpful PDFs at and find me on Instagram @everythingwithstylemom for more organization motivation!

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