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Episode 024: Vintage + Intentional Shopping


On this episode the very stylish and captivating business owner, Carrie Diaz, of Best Friend Central, shares her love of vintage and drive to create a physical space for community and friendship among women! 

She explains her passion for “slow fashion” and how being intentional with shopping has inspired her to open a second store now in Los Angeles in the Vintage District of Burbank, CA with a curated collection of vintage pieces. She’s so committed to bringing vintage, friendship, and community to her new store that not even a global pandemic could stop her from opening her bright yellow painted doors! 

Carrie and I discuss that common feeling of opening the closet door each day and wondering what to wear. While I suggest a good closet purge of items that don’t fit, aren’t being worn, or don’t light you up, she suggests ways to choose the right pieces that show off your style, and are well-tailored to your body so you feel your very best! In fact, there’s an on-site tailor at her store to help with that. 

Additionally we talk about the concept of “cost per wear” when making smart shopping choices and how it’s related to “cost per use” when investing in organization bins. 

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{10:34} Vintage is better quality

{20:52} Confidence conversations

{30:34} Slow fashion

{35:39} Price per wear

Mentioned in this episode:

Link for where to recycle and donate clothes:

Articles on “price per wear” for clothing:

I’m thrilled to support Carrie and her store that bring so much joy and style to the women in this community! 

Here are all the ways you can connect in-person and online with her:



The Confidence Conversations

Thursdays at 11:30am PST



Best Friend Central

3427 West Magnolia Blvd

Burbank, CA 91505

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