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Episode 156: Hidden in Plain Sight


When considering storage solutions and keeping certain items that are future surprises for kids or others hidden, sometimes the best spot is in plain sight!

Moms have to get resourceful when prepping ahead with birthday or holiday gifts, decor, or surprise events. I’m sharing some suggestions for how to temporarily store those items without the recipients ever knowing they’re there.

Highlights from this episode:

(03:38) The closet under the stairs

(05:36) Open shelving is your friend

(07:03) NSFK: Not Safe for Kids

(09:19) Mystery surprises (and how to keep them hidden)

Mentioned on this episode:

Forgo the added expense and drive time of a storage unit and find smart and sneaky ways to mask the contents of clear bins, add labels in code, and score major points when you appear to have everything you need at a moment's notice!

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