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Episode 020: A Successfully Organized Move


In this episode I discuss how to simplify and organize your move in 3 simple steps! Moving can feel so stressful and completely overwhelming. There are lots of moving parts (no pun intended) that need to be checked off your list. Breaking it down to 3 simple steps at a time can help you feel like you are accomplishing those tasks without feeling so overwhelmed. 

I always like to start with an Essential purge of what’s not being used before you pack, and then plan to purge again when you start unpacking if those items aren’t going to work in your new space. 

The Enhancement that will add so much value to your move is properly labelling your boxes, whether you or a moving company are packing them. I suggest some specific ways to make this as easy as possible when you are unloading boxes from the truck and unpacking them in each room. This is a crucial step in having an organized move!

Finally, I highly recommend a few Extras, like visualizing the move to troubleshoot any problems that may arise. I also give a friendly reminder to stay as positive and appreciative to everyone involved in helping you with your move, and suggest some simple ways to do this. Let’s face it, this may be a time when you have anxiety, are sleep deprived, and might easily lose your cool. 

Don’t forget that this is an amazing opportunity for a fresh start! Allowing old clutter or overwhelm to take over is not in the cards. You’ve got this if you keep it simple! 

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:28} The 3-step process to help you move

{5:26} Step 1: The purge for a move

{11:58} Step 2: Properly labeling all of the boxes that you're going to be moving

{24:01} Step 3: Visualizing your move

{32:01} The importance of smiling and communication

Mentioned in this episode:

Calm powder to help with sleeping naturally, found at Whole Foods

Trader Joe’s and other grocery stores to ask for empty packing boxes

For more resources on organizing and styling your new home after a move (and more on how to purge the clutter, donate items/sell in a yard sale, and create a space you love) checkout my Online Home Course! It’s simple to follow along in each module on your phone, laptop, or in your ears buds. You’ll see simple step-by-step directions to accomplishing those organization goals with lots of before and after examples, and some pdfs to print out that’ll keep you on track! 

Click here to read more about it and scroll to the bottom for more than one easy payment plan that works best for you! 

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