Episode 029: Your Command Center

School is back in session, you have a lot on your to do list, there’s a global pandemic to work around, and you need a properly functioning Command Center! 

On this episode I talk about where to set up a family-friendly area that acts as a catch-all for mail, the kids’ artwork, important papers that are in limbo until they find their permanent home, everyone’s schedule documented clearly, & even some fun photos to keep you smiling while all the STUFF finds its way into your home! 

Additionally, I suggest containers that can keep your space organized that are splurge-worthy and budget-friendly. Plus, I tell you how to organize and style it so it’s working best for everyone sharing that space! 

Here are the highlights in this episode:

{3:03} What is a command center?

{6:55} The Essential: find the appropriate space and purge any clutter 

{10:15} The Enhancement: donate or sell those unused items in that space

{16:37} The Extra: style it with appropriate organizers 

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Find helpful organizers for your Command Center at The Container Store, Michael’s Marshall’s, Target, Amazon, Pottery Barn, and your local Dollar Store. 

@clarishealth for donations for baby and mom

For more resources on how to organize your schedule with the kiddos, checkout these helpful links that keep it simple:

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For more resources to organize and style your space go to EverythingWithStyle.com and click on the Online Courses tab to view more freebies & videos to help you get organized! 

Here are a couple great options:

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