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Episode 8: Called & Capable


If you’ve ever felt called toward a greater mission, and you struggle with self doubt, fear, or anxiety, I have great news for you, my friend!

This week I’m tackling an issue that many of us have when we want to show up in a big way in our life (and possibly business) and we question whether or not we are capable of pulling it off. It turns out, we are so capable!

God uses people all throughout the Bible who doubt their capabilities to make a huge impact in the lives of others. Moses had a speech impediment and warned God he wasn’t the right person for the job. He’s the guy with the big Ten Commandments tablet, sharing it with many up on a mountain and also parted the Red Sea! You can be doubtful and still trust that you are able to do great things!


(02:07) Are you feeling called?

(05:49) Human faults are relatable

(10:39) Trust that the foundation is there

(14:46) Take the leap and keep the faith


Ep 96: Paralysis by Analysis from The Mom’s Organization Motivation Podcast

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