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Episode 136: Get Organized for the Holidays


It’s Fall, which means prepping early for the fast-approaching holiday season!

I’m talking all things decor, hosting, travel arrangements, planning for old and new traditions, and using the 3 E’s Philosophy to simplify it all!

Highlights from this episode:

(00:54) It’s fall y’all!

(05:31) Holiday decor

(09:40) Purge before the holidays and donate or sell unwanted items

(12:19) What’s the backup plan?

(17:03) Get organized early

(19:31) How about holiday travel?

Mentioned on this episode:

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Ep 41: Wrapping Station Organization

Ep 42: Holiday Decoration Storage

Ep 135: A Multifunctional Garage

YouTube Holiday Videos:

Organizing for the Holidays in 3 Simple Steps

3 Types of Gift Ideas That Won’t Lead to Clutter

I hope this episode helps you get a jumpstart on organizing for the holidays so it feels less stressful and clutter free!

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