Episode 031: Organize Your Living Room

Have kids’ toys, clutter, or furniture that doesn’t suit your style anymore taken over your living room? It happens. It doesn’t have to stay that way though! 

With some simple organization tips and rules for maintaining your refreshed space, your living room can be an oasis for you, serve the needs of everyone in your home, and be welcoming to your guests. 

On this episode, after talking about a very strange encounter with a squirrel outside of my window (listen for a good laugh), I share some of my basic steps for getting organized in your living room when it comes to sharing that space with our sometimes messy kiddos! 

Hint: choose neutral organizers that can hide unsightly toys and blend with the style of your home. Also, choose appropriate baskets or bins that make your newly organized space easy to maintain! 

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{9:07} The Essential: purge anything you don’t need in your living room

{12:34} The Enhancement: sell or donate those items 

{13:11} The Extra: style the space so it works best for your family

{17:37} The benefits of organizing your living room

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Zaine Colour Salon

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