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Episode 113: Life of a Recovering Perfectionist


This week after the book release, I’m sharing 3 things that help me push past my perfectionist tendencies and focus on the blessings!

1. Keep those prayer lines open

2. Surround yourself with supportive people

3. Keep that sense of humor

Perfectionism is overrated. Don’t miss opportunities because you might be afraid of messing up. Consider those mess ups to be life lessons and keep on learning!

Highlights from this episode:

(02:36) Thank you for making me a bestseller!

(05:26) Friends, tacos… and fevers

(13:55) My name’s Paige, and I’m a recovering perfectionist

(15:57) Perfection is not attainable

(20:07) Don’t call it failure

(23:45) Life lessons make us stronger

Mentioned on this episode:

I hope this episode will be a reminder to try new things, not to be worried when things don't go perfectly, and to keep laughing through the tough stuff. There are so many blessings and opportunities that present themselves and sometimes us perfectionists can get stuck in the overwhelm or need to control every outcome. As one who’s in recovery I’d love to encourage you to ride it out and with the help of prayer, leaning on others your trust, and laughing off the unexpected twists and turns, so you can live the life God has planned for you.

You’re not alone, so shoot for the moon!

Big news:

My book is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon!

If you got it already thank you so much for making it an instant BEST SELLER in multiple categories and #1 in New Releases!


It would mean the world to me if you could write an Amazon REVIEW and pick up a copy (or two)! Thank you so much for your support.

So thrilled to announce that The Mom’s Organization Motivation Podcast won the BEST HOME & LIFESTYLE PODCAST Award for 2022 in the international Podcasting for Business Awards! Thank you for listening and supporting this podcast. It’s been so much fun to produce each week for you. Thanks to The Podcast Boutique for all your help!

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