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Episode 091: Moving Through Pregnancy


To represent our beautiful moms-to-be I decided to have my sweet sister-in-law join me for this episode, where we talk about all things pregnancy, self care, home renovation, and preparing for a move with a new baby!

Whether it’s doing a good purge of stuff you don’t use or wear anymore, hiring a professional organizer to come in and help, getting the nursery ready, or convincing your husband to tackle the overstuffed garage, making progress happens a little bit at a time.

Don’t miss Alyssa’s great advice for juggling it all, while being good to yourself, and creating an organized home even if it’s temporary!

Highlights from this episode:

{6:08} Making a baby and upgrading myself

{14:13} When the maternal nesting instinct kicks in

{21:39} Hiring an organizer is a luxury… but you’re worth it

{28:52} Purge those unworn closet-fillers!

{35:27} Creating space before the holidays

Mentioned on this episode:

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To connect with Alyssa, you can find her on Instagram @alyssajulyasmith.

I hope this episode inspires you to take care of yourself, whether you're pregnant and moving or not. You deserve some TLC and a little grace as we all move through another busy holiday season!

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