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Episode 011: Life After Loss


Chrissy Khalil, a busy mom of littles, who runs restaurants with her husband and keeps an organized home filled with love and teamwork, still manages to make it to bible studies and helps me run the school Bake Sale! She’s a SuperMom for more reasons too.

On this episode Chrissy shares with us a powerful message of faith and what life looks like after the loss of her beautiful son, Christian. It’s appropriately airing on Memorial Day, as Chrissy and her family continue to honor the short life he had here on Earth.

Her healthy, twin, angel baby showed no signs or symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes until one Saturday when he got sick and passed away just a couple of days later.

Chrissy is committed to sharing her family’s story in hopes of helping others detect this disease by a simple urine test or finger prick, even if there’s no genetic history. She has given us some Diabetes warning signs below.

I’m in awe of her faithfulness and positivity through it all! Please support my dear friend and inspirational SuperMom at her restaurant in Venice Beach, Teddy’s Red Tacos! They are still safely serving the community through the Coronavirus pandemic and available for catering. Find this link below as well.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:00} Introduction to Chrissy Khalil

{3:39} How Chrissy runs her business alongside her busy life with kids

{7:05} Why we often feel we have to take everything on ourselves

{8:00} Why pursuing your own passions is so important

{8:54} Praying when praying isn’t your thing

{10:52} Chrissy’s story of losing her baby Christian

{16:23} How Chrissy’s faith got her through her loss

{24:24} Spotting the signs of Diabetes

Moms can do amazing things! If you are feeling like you are juggling so much and need a boost to give yourself more credit and simplify your life, click this link to find a supportive mini-course that’ll help keep you on track.

Teddy’s Red Tacos:

Instagram @teddysredtacos


46 Windward Ave

Venice, CA 90291

United States


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Diabetes Warning Signs:

Please be aware of the following warning signs of Type 1 Diabetes, even if there is no genetic history, children could still be at risk. A simple urine test or finger prick can determine if you or your child has Type 1 Diabetes by checking blood sugar level. Most pediatricians do not test for the disease under 5 years old, but if you are concerned, ask for testing.

Signs and Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes:

· Increased thirst

· Frequent urination

· Wetting the bed in a child who has previously had good nighttime bladder control

· Unintended weight loss

· Extreme fatigue

· Sudden changes in vision

· Unusual irritability

· Increased appetite

· A fruity odor on the breath

· Heavy or labored breathing

I hope this information will help make people more aware of this disease and can make a difference in someone’s life.



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