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Episode 068: Summer Fun After Covid


As Covid restrictions lift more and more, I’m thinking about ways to plan for some fun activities this summer!

Whether you plan to travel or stay close to home, it’s so exciting to see more places open up like restaurants, movie theatres, museums, and summer camps! I’m seeing actual smiles recently as less masks are having to be worn, and actual hugs (not virtual ones) are on the rise. I know we’ll be feeling the effects of this global pandemic for a lifetime, but I’m hopeful that we can continue to make great memories with our family and friends as we begin to gather together again.

Let’s stay safe and find ways to embrace our new normal with age-appropriate activities, games, and social functions that’ll make this summer a memorable one!

Highlights from this episode:

{3:22} Things will never be the same since COVID

{6:22} Getting super creative during quarantine

{8:07} Game nights and movie nights

{11:30} Get to know the neighbors

{13:30} Educational entertainment

{16:00} Smart shopping and summer activities

{17:48} Getting outdoors and active

{19:35} Having fun whilst staying safe

Mentioned on this episode:

Ready to host some playdates this summer? Get my FREE Playdate Checklist that’ll help you feel prepared and keep the fun going for all ages (parents included)!

Checkout my Online Kids Course for additional ideas for shopping and traveling with kids, creating a helpful age-appropriate chore list, embracing their love language to reach their hearts, organizing and styling their spaces, planning summer activities, learning morning and nighttime routines, and so much more!

As always, you can find more resources at and come say hi @everythingwithstylemom on Instagram.

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