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Episode 066: Packing for Family Trips


Grab your suitcase, your packing cubes, those nighttime diapers, and start praying because it’s time for a family trip!

On this episode, we’re talking about a ton of things that have been lifesavers on planes, trains, and automobiles with the littles. From airplane surprises to extra ziplock bags for accidents, when you’re planning ahead and expecting the unexpected, your family trip can be a little less bumpy.

I’m sharing the stuff you can start packing a week in advance straight out of the dryer in the laundry room, and the items you may consider shipping ahead to your final destination.

Although I cover a lot on this episode, I’ve put the whole list and then some in my Online Kids Course (see link below) that’ll have you feeling totally prepared for traveling with kids even if you’re completely outnumbered!

Highlights from this episode:

{1:38} Survived another school year

{3:28} Pray up before you pack up

{5:50} Embrace technology (and pack chargers)

{9:17} Backpacks are your friend

{11:26} The practical benefits of a stroller

{14:43} Bring diapers

{16:07} Packing cubes

{18:26} Start packing in advance

{20:49} Can you purchase it at your destination?

{25:25} Set yourself up for the best chance of success

Mentioned on this episode:

To feel more prepared and get lots of mom hacks for packing and traveling with kids, checkout my Online Kids Course that has a whole module devoted to this! You’ll have lifetime access to the photos, checklists, videos, and audios so listening before each trip will help jog your memory when planning ahead. Be sure to share it with your traveling friends!

For more resources to organize and style your busy life in 3 simple steps, head over to and connect with me on Instagram @everythingwithstylemom for more organization motivation.

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