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Episode 026: Investing in Organization


I was reflecting on what I can offer my awesome busy mom clients and loyal listeners of the podcast, as the clock struck 3am the night before I recorded this episode. While our family was grieving the loss of a good man, who spent his days loving his family and preaching God’s word, and our world is trying to figure out how to survive and thrive during a global pandemic that’s taken lives and jobs, I felt emotional and exhausted. 

I know that we are all having those heavy moments, no matter how these uncertain times are affecting us. In my tearful and sleepy state I started going back over what I can do to help. 

For years I’ve managed my anxiety and stress with faith, supportive friends and family, and organization. Yes, pretty much anything I can organize, I do it! And I find comfort in that. Investing my time, energy, and money into getting organized has done a world of good for me and for my family. 

On this episode I share 3 ways to invest in organization. I offer lots of free, helpful resources like my Masterclass and Paige’s Top 3’s on my website, which suggests my top 3 products I use often for organizing your home, wardrobe, kids, and schedule with links for where to find them! You can also find free audios, videos, checklists, and pdfs that give you tips and keep you on track to complete your organization goals! 

I also recommend my affordable online courses I put together with you and your family in mind. These courses have modules, filled with easy-to-implement strategies that create great results in 3 simple steps! (Not to mention some killer transformation before and after photos!)

Here are the highlights for this episode:

{5:15} How investing in organization can help you

{9:01} The Essential: invest your time

{10:52} The Enhancement: invest in supplies

{12:42} The Extra: invest in help

Mentioned on this episode:

Click these links to read more about what these courses offer and convenient payment plans that work best for you:

I know your life is busy and possibly a little more sensitive these days. I want you to know that I’m in the trenches with you, and my mission is to always offer content that’s accessible and simple. 

For more resources go to and follow me on Instagram @everythingwithstylemom for more organization motivation!

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