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Episode 26: Invest in Yourself


Need permission or a friendly reminder to invest in yourself? You’ve got it, girlfriend!

Inspired by a women’s personal development conference I was about to attend, I felt compelled to record this episode before hopping on a plane. I was so excited to be a speaker on the bestselling authors panel at the FEMPOWERED LIVE event in Denver, CO and stay on the extra day to absorb all the life and biz-changing messages the other speakers were sharing. It did not disappoint! Stay tuned for a followup episode on that.

I hope after hearing this one you’ll be encouraged and even challenged to invest your time and money into whatever you need to reach your goals, achieve success both personally and professionally, and kick the guilt to the curb if that starts showing up.

Whether it’s self care in the form of pampering yourself or consuming content from an online course, attending a virtual or live event to inspire action, or taking the leap to try something new and hiring the help you need to get there, I’m sharing some ideas for how to prep ahead and enjoy every minute of it because you are so worth it!


(01:25) Invest in yourself… or nobody else will!

(05:29) It’s all about preparation and confidence

(09:02) Spray Tan anyone?

(13:03) When to invest your time and money


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