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Welcome to the Time To Pivot podcast! I’m your host, Paige Killian, mom of two and business owner, who’s on a mission to help you make important pivots that’ll greatly impact your life and the lives of others!

I’m honored you’ve chosen to spend your valuable time with me each week to hear stories of times my guests and I have learned to pivot in our lives and businesses. We’ve felt a tug at our hearts to pursue our passions and serve others, and we want you to feel inspired, encouraged, and motivated to do the same.

Every week we’ll explore topics like fear, failure, mom guilt, anxiety, imposter syndrome, self doubt, and more. We’ll discuss how to move forward despite those struggles with goal setting and achieving, momentum, consistency, resiliency, confidence, intention, and the pursuit of our purpose as we tap into our God-given gifts.

You’re not alone, my friend. I see you. I know you have greatness inside that’s meant to be shared with your family and the world. There are so many blessings waiting for you when you choose to do the hard things, and I’d love to support you every step of the way. So let’s get started!


(00:06) It’s time to assess your life

(03:02) Learning how to pivot

(06:57) How to know if you’re on the right track

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