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Episode 014: Simplified Summer Activities


It’s a summertime like no other in 2020 after months of quarantining, homeschooling, and witnessing history in the making all over the world. With all of these changes and uncertainty, it’s so important to find moments of joy and fun. As always, I think this should be done as simply as possible.

This episode celebrates the simple pleasures of summer! You’ll hear suggestions for activities that will encourage laughter, keep you cool on those hot summer days, and won’t break the bank.

This is a summer to kick it old school! Listening to your favorite music, using unlikely items around your house to spark creativity, enjoying the great outdoors, and playing in the floor with your kiddos will make this simplified summer one for the memory books!

Here are some of the highlights from this episode:

{4:54} Having fun this summer even if it’ll be different

{8:02} What might summer look like as we slowly come out of lockdown

{9:45} Fun outdoor activities for your and the kids to enjoy

{12:50} Animal fun

{18:19) Crafts for the summer

{22:01} Setting up an outdoor movie theater

{24:43} Keeping summer fun simple For more ways to organize and style your life year round with your littles, checkout my Online Kids Course packed with easy ideas to incorporate into your schedule. Module 4 discusses additional summer activities for all ages! After a long end to a school year we could have never predicted, this course will make things, that might feel overwhelming, seem easy-to-tackle and actually exciting!

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