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Episode 081: Digital Decluttering


I can organize the physical stuff, but I called Katrina for backup decluttering my online life!

Katrina and her talented team have been transforming the way clients' lives flow from their homes to their offices for more than 17 years. She refers to herself as a Life Optimizer - one part Organizational Coach and one part System Creator.

So I had to have her on this week’s episode to discuss & organize all the stuff that tends to pile up in our inboxes and digital desktops.

We talked about creating photo folders, silencing notifications, sorting emails, and some very helpful apps that’ll make our lives a little easier!

Highlights from this episode:

{2:18} Business owner and chicken Mom

{5:55} We get lost in our inboxes

{9:47} Using email folders to organize your life

{14:13} Unroll Me filters through your emails for you

{18:17} Change your mindset and get out of your inbox

{22:08} Cluster - a private media sharing app

{26:03} Four minutes a day is all it takes

{29:32} I'm a big believer in snoozing

{34:45} Ask for help when you need it

{37:14} Trello - a digital to-do list app

Mentioned on this episode:

Katrina’s recommended apps:

Unroll Me, Cluster, Cam Scanner, Trello, Flick, Google Drive, your phone’s Notes app, and more!

@katrinateeple on Clubhouse for resources and online courses to digitally declutter your life

Big news:

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