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Episode 53: Do It Scared


I did it! I finally did my first coaching call to prep for Pitch Day in a few months, where I’ll be doing a 3-minute pitch for Ted Talk bookings. 

I was so nervous, but I did it scared and it turned out to be a really helpful, successful practice session. Now I feel so much more prepared, and I didn’t let my fear stop me from working toward my big goals! 

I’m sharing my experience and reminding you to use the 3 E’s to embrace change and pivot with confidence even when you’re super scared! 

What’s holding you back from setting and accomplishing your goals? Click the link below to book a call with me and let’s change that. 


(2:08) Pitching a TED Talk

(8:47) Feeling the fear

(10:23) Embracing change

(25:11) Identifying your dreams

(34:57) Celebrating the wins

(37:34) Pivot with confidence

(47:16) The 3 E’s Philosophy 


My 4-Day Online Organizing Challenge is back! Join me virtually March 11th-14th 9am PST to start your year off organized! Click the link for details and share with a friend. Register now as spots are limited! 

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