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Episode 149: New Year's Pantry Reset


If your pantry seems overloaded or disorganized after the holidays perhaps it’s time for a reset.

Having an organized pantry can benefit everyone in the family and even encourage your kids to be more confident, helpful, and independent!

Let’s use the 3 E’s to reel it back in:

Essential: Purge expired or unused items.

Enhancement: Donate, sell, or toss them.

Extra: Style with proper containers.

Highlights from this episode:

(1:17) Powering through

(05:08) “I’m organizing!”

(09:38) Clearing out the stocking fillers

(13:35) My favorite pantry containers

(18:51) Keep the Lucky Charms out of sight

(22:31) Lazy Susan

(26:36) A few little steps for you, one giant leap for your pantry

Mentioned on this episode:

YouTube video:

From decanting and grouping in like categories to choosing the right baskets, bins and labels, your pantry will be set up to serve you better for the rest of the year!

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