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Episode 153: Not Just Lip Service


This week I’m reading an excerpt from my book, Chapter 5: Not Just Lip Service and discussing the benefits of writing down your goals.

So often we can become overwhelmed by all the stuff on our everyday to-do list or that lofty-goal list of things we want to accomplish. This chapter breaks down the 3 E’s Philosophy, the system I use for strategically writing down those thoughts in your head in order of importance so they become real and actionable. The written word has power, so don’t miss this episode if you’ve got some dreams in mind, but keep getting stuck in the overwhelm.

Highlights from this episode:

(01:55) “Well begun is half done” - Mary Poppins

(03:33) You are not a crazy person

(07:18) Serving other Moms with the 3 E’s Philosophy

(10:00) Channel your inner Duke

(12:44) Choosing God

(15:46) Go the extra mile and outsource

Mentioned on this episode:

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