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Episode 090: Space to Breathe


Being intentional with what’s in your home and clearing the clutter will give you space to breathe.

On this episode we’re looking at what’s taking up the physical space all around you like your floors, beds, couches, chairs, and countertops. I’m suggesting some family boundaries to put in place that’ll ensure stuff doesn’t pile up in these areas and lead to mental clutter as well.

When you have physical and mental space to breathe, there’s no limit to the blessings and opportunities that will come your way!

Highlights from this episode:

{5:46} It’s time to declutter for the holidays

{9:39} The emotional cost of disorganization

{16:34} Everyone needs a catch-all basket!

{20:59} The 3 E’s Philosophy

Mentioned on this episode:

I hope this episode inspires you to tackle the clutter and allow yourself and your home some space to breathe. You deserve it! If it did please share it with a friend, and it would mean so much to me if you could take a quick moment to write a REVIEW on Apple Podcasts!

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