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Episode 051: Get Organized in 3 Simple Steps


This episode is from a virtual speaking event I did in February 2021 for busy moms about simplifying the organization process. I always say it has to be simple or it just won’t get done!

I discuss how you can focus on your priority areas and get organized using my 3 E’s Philosophy, including your Essentials, Enhancements, and Extras. Additionally, I recommend some past episodes about each of those 3 steps to do your essential purge, the enhancement sale or donation of any unwanted items, and the extra final step of putting in the proper organization bins to complete the process!

You can find each of the referenced podcast episodes below to listen and also the link to get your

3 E’s Checklist to keep you on track to completing your organization goals!

Highlights from this episode:

{1:55} Reminder of the 3 E's Philosophy

{7:21} How to do things in a way most representative of yourself

{11:37} It's cool to be organized

{17:43} How to be 1% more organized each day

{20:31} Showing gratitude for gifted items

{21:51} Dealing with the 'Monica' closet in your home

Mentioned on this episode:

For more details about the host of the “Self Care Days for Busy Moms” event, follow @yourdinnerisplanned on Instagram!

Click this link for The 3 E’s Checklist and enter your name and email.

In a few minutes check your inbox for the PDF checklist to print off or screenshot to create your Essentials, Enhancements, and Extras to get your space organized in 3 simple steps!

*Check your SPAM if you don’t see the email come through. It sometimes gets stuck in there, but it’s not spammy, I promise!

For more resources to organize and style your busy life, head over to and connect with me @everythingwithstylemom on Instagram for more organization motivation!

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