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Episode 23: 10,000 Hours to Expert Status


What makes you an expert at something? It’s been said that it takes 10,000 hours of practice or experience to get you to expert status, but other research has shown that in some cases no matter how much you work toward a goal it’s just not in the cards.

This could be because of issues that exist beyond your control, like the fact that my 5’4” height would probably not have me winning any dunking contests. It could also have to do with whether or not you had a great desire or felt called to pursue a certain goal. I can’t say that being a basketball star is on my bucket list.

On the flip side, you may be so driven by internal conviction that that’s enough to propel you into expert status at a very fast pace. You get the knack for something, crack the code, or quickly learn from your mistakes and you take off. When that happens and your desire to serve others with your skills or teach them to do the same is realized, you’re unstoppable!

Whether it’s a slow build to 10,000 hours and beyond or a quick study with fast results, trust the process if you’re pursuing your purpose, and believe that no matter what level you're at you can always be of service to others.


(01:50) How to become an expert in your field

(07:28) Child prodigies

(09:46) I could never solve a Rubik’s Cube

(16:36) How to ask experts for help

(18:58) The power of paying it forward

(24:41) Pivot with confidence, integrity and purpose


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