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Episode 103: I Need Visual Examples


I’ve always been a visual learner, so I live for those epic before and after organization transformations!

In case you do too, I had to tell you about some of the newest videos I’ve added to my YouTube channel. (See link below.) For some, I’ve taken my most downloaded podcast episodes and added lots of visual examples to support them, and other videos are spaces I’ve organized for my clients and in my own home. Want to shop with me at The Container Store and see what I got to maximize my client’s vertical space? Or maybe you're curious what my favorite kitchen containers are? There are videos for that too!

Additionally, I’m sharing other services to help you get more organized in 3 simple steps, like my online courses, designed for the busy mom of littles!

Highlights from this episode:

(02:52) Something for the visual learners

(05:58) Third Thursday videos

(10:18) The cost of disorganization

(15:28) Your never-ending mail pile

(19:36) Organizing for the holidays

(23:52) Less is more

(26:30) Paralysis by analysis

(30:13) The Container Store is my Disneyland

Mentioned on this episode:

Ep 1: The 3 E’s Philosophy

Ep 2: The Cost of Disorganization

Ep 3: Organize on Autopilot

Ep 4: The Unjunky Junk Drawer

Ep 5: Hashtag Pantry Goals

Ep 6: Maximize Your Vertical Space

Ep 30: The Never-Ending Mail Pile

Ep 73: Less is More

Ep 96: Paralysis by Analysis

Ep 98: The 1% Rule

Ep 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes

I hope this episode offers lots of options for getting organized, whether you learn best with your eyes or your ears! Reach out and let me know which platform is your favorite.

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Big news:

The Mom’s Organization Motivation YouTube Channel is LIVE!!!

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If you submitted an audio for the 100th Episode, THANK YOU so much! What a fun way to celebrate 100 weeks of sharing some organization motivation with you! If you haven’t listened yet, you’ve got to hear some fun takeaways from the awesome listeners who shared things they love or have learned from the podcast! I’m so grateful for you.

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