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Episode 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes


What a milestone to celebrate on this episode with my awesome listeners, who have shown such immense support for the last 100 weeks!

I was overwhelmed by the beautiful and hilarious audio messages so many people sent in from all over the world describing things they have enjoyed and learned from the podcast.

It seems that keeping the organizing process simple (specifically to 3 steps) and shooting for 1% improvements toward your organization goals topped the list of motivational takeaways. That brings me so much joy, because as you know, I’m in the busy mom trenches with you. I always say, it has to be simple or it just won’t get done!

It has been my privilege to join you week after week on your car radios, in your earbuds, sitting in the carpool line, hanging out in your laundry room, chatting in your kitchen, and perhaps hiding in your closet, bathroom, or pantry floor as we connect through our struggles, successes, and mom life stories that are universal!

I’m beyond grateful for this platform that has been such a fun, creative outlet for me, but most of all a way to serve and support you all as we tackle that never-ending mail pile, sort through sentimental treasures, organize the toys, purge the Legos, mount the kid art, toss the old, make room for the new, group like items, donate hand-me-downs, choose the right containers, and label our stuff if we are feeling especially productive!

You inspire me everyday to create new content, test organization tools and strategies, and find ways to prove that “less is more.” Remember we can’t do everything perfectly, but we can do everything with style! That’s your style that’s working best for you in the season you’re in now.

Thanks again for listening, subscribing, sharing, and letting me know what you want to hear about next.

I love and appreciate you so much.

Happy organizing!


Mentioned on this episode:

A special thank you to the most incredible podcast team at The Podcast Boutique, led by the lovely Lynsay Anne Gould. I couldn’t have done this without you! Cheers to at least 100 more episodes!

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