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Episode 015: Running with Your Kids


If you need a motivational boost these days like I do, you’ve got to hear my special guest, Natalie Mitchell, on this episode about introducing running as a fun, family activity! You’ll instantly feel the positive energy and joy that comes from my dear friend, mom of three, faithful believer, dream pursuer, and running athlete!

Natalie gives me hope that I can actually be more physically active with my kiddos in these summer months after a very long stint of homeschooling during lockdown. I’m thrilled to share this episode with you and trust me, you’ll be motivated to grab the kids and hit the trails!

Her passion for running has taken her to some of the most well-known marathons, writing in running magazines, speaking at events, coaching kids and adults, and encouraging us on this episode to try running with our family.

Don’t worry if becoming a runner has never been on your bucket list or thinking that you could never be any good at it, because she breaks it down so well that you’ll find yourself ready to shop for some new kicks and a good, supportive bra! Yes, that’s just some of the amazing advice she offers us as running beginners!

She also suggests making it a fun experience for the kids with lots of smiles, encouraging words, and managing expectations so it’s enjoyable for all ages in your family. Add in some thoughtful preparation like hydrating before and after your family run, some quick stretches first for injury prevention, a cool down stretch at the end, and my favorite part of all...organizing your space and schedule so your shoes, running clothes, accessories, and family calendars make a run with the kiddos a priority!

Additionally, she tells us how faith plays a big role in her passion and shares her favorite verse, Isaiah 40:31, that she repeats to herself when crossing the finish line, in running and in life, gets really hard.

I’m telling you, you’ll be smiling through the whole episode and figuring out how you can incorporate running into your family routine!

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:07} Introducing Natalie Mitchell

{2:41} The passion for running

{6:30} The pie in the sky

{12:10} How we can get physically active with our kids

{30:02} Natalie’s organization style

{37:10} Applying the 3 E’s to running

To connect with a Natalie, find out more about her coaching services, and for so much inspiration, follow her @Natrunsfar on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and her website!

For more resources on how to organize and style your very busy schedule with kids of all ages, checkout my Online Schedule Course, that’s sure to help you find the time and energy to add running and other physical activities to your life!

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