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Episode 095: Resolutions vs Lifestyle Choices


It’s a new year and we’re talking about 3 steps to make better, intentional lifestyle choices versus the typical New Year’s resolutions.

My special guest, business coach, and personal friend, Kelly Mobeck joins me for our second crossover podcast episode more than a year and a half after our podcasts launched in 2020!

We love strategizing and simplifying the process to reach our goals and outcomes. We’re using The 3 E’s Philosophy to focus on making productive lifestyle choices over those resolutions that tend to fizzle out a few weeks after we make them.

Essential: Take the Lead

Enhancement: Ask for Help

Extra: Share with Others

We address those excuses that may arise like lack of time, money, or motivation. This is real life after all, but what’s personal is universal. That means you’re not alone!

Join us in thoughtfully declaring our plans, hopes, dreams, goals, and outcomes for this year, as we focus on our purpose and how we can get there together!

Highlights from this episode:

{4:09} Swap your resolutions for declarations

{10:31} Expect the unexpected

{14:52} We are at choice every second of every day

{23:18} Ask for help

{28:51} Clear the clutter to see the blessings

{34:08} What’s personal is universal

{39:22} Add The LIFT Method to your life

Mentioned on this episode:

Ep 83: The Lessons- "Why, Oh Why" on Kelly’s podcast

Connect with Kelly here:

@kellymobeck on Instagram

Kelly J. Mobeck on LinkedIn

Kelly’s NEW PROGRAM will be launching February 2022, CLICK HERE and get on the list to be the first to know. It’s going to be an EPIC year of impact, growth, and success.

We hope this episode encourages you to make lifestyle choices that serve you well and allow you to take a leadership role in your life, ask for help when you need backup, and share your gifts with the world! We’re here to support you, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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