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Episode 008: No Such Thing As Balance


If the struggle to find balance in your life ever causes you stress or anxiety, I have great news! My dear friend and business coach, Kelly Mobeck, is on this episode busting the myth that we should be striving for balance in every area of our lives. Say WHAT?!?

In 2016 she blew my mind when I asked her to speak at our church’s MOPS meeting (Mother’s of Preschoolers), so I had to have her be my first podcast guest! I had heard her speak before and appreciated her directness. That day she truly changed my life! She inspired me to stop the mental struggle and allow myself some grace. In this episode she shares this concept that changed everything for me. Kelly says there’s no such thing as balance, but we should shoot for harmony! Additionally, she explains how communication, establishing agreements, and considering how other people’s ‘wins’ can contribute to this harmony. I’m telling you, this is a MUST LISTEN for the busy mom, who is ready to push past ‘mom guilt’ and create a life of more peace and less struggle. You’ll find that her words are compassionate, supportive, and motivational in getting you to take the lead in your life!

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{2:55} How Kelly and Paige met

{6:51} Shooting for harmony not balance

{10:58} Balance exercise for you

{13:38} Putting yourself at the top of your priorities

{14:31} The 5 big priorities

{15:01} Setting boundaries

{20:09} Mom guilt

For more outstanding coaching and words of wisdom checkout her newly launched podcast Let’s Be Honest Before We Start Pretending!’ on iTunes, Spotify, and her website

You can connect with her through email at or on Instagram @coach_kellymobeck.

Enjoy this special crossover episode that is also on Kelly’s new podcast as Episode 2.

Click here to listen on Apple Podcasts.

Click here to listen on Spotify.



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