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Episode 083: Organization as Therapy


As a recovering perfectionist I’ve learned how therapeutic organization in my home and schedule can be.

I grew up with this self-imposed, overachieving mentality that only escalated my anxiety and stress level everyday. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found ways to be a leader, entrepreneur, business owner, mom, and every other job I accept, without having to take on the burdens of those responsibilities. Instead, I’ve learned to alleviate much of that stress and anxiety and enjoy those roles to the fullest!

Organization has been the key to that enjoyment and in many ways become my own form of therapy.

Here are 3 ways I use organization as therapy.

Essential: Have less. (Less is more!)

Enhancement: Manage realistic expectations.

Extra: Style your space with the proper organizers.

Highlights from this episode:

{3:19} Organization helped me, and it can help you too

{6:52} Don't hide your imperfections

{9:31} Stop putting unnecessary pressure on yourself

{15:23} Let your kids be kids

{21:14} Finding a post-Covid routine that works for you

{24:53} Have realistic expectations

{28:06} Organize your things to keep anxiety at bay

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Coming next week…

Ep 84: Starting Mental Health Conversations with Matt Skinner

I hope this episode inspires you to view the organization of your space and schedule as therapy! If it did please share it with a friend, and it would mean so much to me if you could take a quick moment to write a REVIEW on Apple Podcasts!

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