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Episode 059: An Organized Bathroom


On the final episode of the April Spring Cleaning Series I’m talking about getting your bathroom organized and going back to make sure some of the organization you may have put in before is still working for you.

As a busy mom of littles I know that bathrooms can become a high traffic area in your home that can quickly become overrun with bathtub toys, everyone’s toothbrushes and towels, unused travel-sized products from 6 years ago, misplaced clothes on the floor, and certainly the oddities that never belonged in a bathroom at all!

When utilizing drawer dividers to contain your items, mounting helpful hooks, and maximizing the vertical space in the cabinets under your sink, you’ll have your bathroom countertops cleared of clutter for a more efficient and zen space. Heaven knows, I’ve used it as an escape room some days too, so it needs to be serving us in more ways than just a bathroom!

Highlights from this episode:

{3:14} Purging your bathroom

{6:11} Using white, wipeable containers in bathroom drawers

{10:14} Taking care of your hairbrushes

{12:48} Using age-appropriate organizers in your bathroom

{13:31} Encouraging kids to keep their bathroom space organized and clutter-free

{16:39} Acrylic tower organizers for under the sink area

{19:43} Your bathroom as an extension of the style in your home

Mentioned on this episode:

Clear acrylic tower for under-the-sink storage

Clear divided turntable (lazy Susan iDesign Linus)

@theramblingredhead for my new fave binge-worthy show on HGTV called No Demo Reno with Jenn Todryk

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