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Episode 018: Organize That Fridge


It’s time to get real about what’s actually going on in that refrigerator and freezer of yours, girlfriend! On this episode I’m going to use the 3 E’s to organize that fridge!

So often food gets lost in our refrigerator and that can lead to losing money on purchases that go bad or go missing in the far back. We don’t want that so it’s time to get organized. Get clear about what’s living there, like 100 ketchup packets or dipping sauces and questionable, unlabeled ziplock bags, and what’s actually getting eaten. This starts with a good purge and scrub down.

Donate or toss items that aren’t being consumed or being used. If those items are some containers you’ve purchased for organization in the past that just aren’t working for you, it’s time to say goodbye. Also, stop any delivery services or continuous purchases that might not be your faves anymore.

Finally, decide if you do want to add new appropriately sized containers. I share lots of my favorite bins and where to find them, like the iDesign brand, Linus bins, The Home Edit line, and others, found at places like The Container Store, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, Amazon, Marshall’s, and more. If individual containers aren’t your style, your fridge can still stay organized by grouping like items together to display them clearly when that door opens.

Helpful suggestions mentioned on this episode:

@dailyharvest food delivery service

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:34} The 3E’s philosophy to organize the fridge

{1:54} Get rid of anything that you don’t need

{6:09} Do a freezer inventory

{10:04} Choose the right containers for you

{12:49} Organize the space with movable shelves

{16:01} Use labels to maintain the organization

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