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Episode 110: BOOK EXCERPT Your Twenty-Pound Burden


The newest book excerpt I’m reading this week is all about identifying something that might be weighing you down and how we can fix it!

Everyone needs a good “Fixer Upper” reference with Chip and Joanna Gaines, right? I was doing a lot of HGTV binge watching while writing my book. I made a connection between Chip getting on a scale that said he was twenty pounds more than he felt he should be and a figurative twenty-pound burden we might be carrying around too.

Depending on what season we’re in like pregnancy, postpartum, the toddler phase, raising teenagers, starting a new job, growing a business, navigating personal struggles, or anything in between, it’s so important to give ourselves grace and ask for help when we don’t want to go it alone!

I’m here for the difficult conversations, shedding of layers that no longer serve us, and lightening the load life sometimes heaps upon us all at once.

Highlights from this episode:

(01:27) “I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight”

(03:34) Purging on autopilot is a game-changer

(05:28) What’s your personal style?

(09:11) The style struggle is real!

(13:49) Dress like the person you want to be

(16:21) Becoming a Mom changes your body and mind

I hope this episode gives you renewed hope that you can be good to yourself during the tough times and lean on your people for support when you need it most. Not sure who your people are? I’m here for you! You’re not in this alone. Head over to to download your newly updated 3 E’s Checklist to make it all a little easier.

The book will be available on Amazon at the end of April! Details are on my website.

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Big news:

So thrilled to announce that The Mom’s Organization Motivation Podcast won the BEST HOME & LIFESTYLE PODCAST Award for 2022 in the international Podcasting for Business Awards! Thank you for listening and supporting this podcast. It’s been so much fun to produce each week for you. Thanks to The Podcast Boutique for all your help!

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