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Episode 069: Hiring a Handyman


Starting out the Hiring Help Series in the month of July, I’m talking about the benefits of hiring a handy person to help with jobs in your home!

If you’ve been putting off stuff you want to get done for any reason, like you’re too busy, too tired,don’t want to, feel unable to do it, or feel guilty about asking for help because you think you should be doing it yourself, then ask yourself if it’ll ever get done.

Is it worth all the stress and frustration of the constant reminder that you haven’t checked that thing (or multiple things) off your to do list?

Having my handyman come over a couple of times a week or month to do odd jobs that I put off or can’t do on my own has been such a huge relief mentally and physically. Whether it’s changing out hardware, outlet covers, paint, or light fixtures for a fresh, updated look, or mounting shelves in my laundry room and bikes in the garage for a more organized aesthetic, the jobs are getting done way faster than if I tried to do them all myself. That’s worth hiring someone who knows what he’s doing so I can spend my time focusing on the things I enjoy doing!

Highlights from this episode:

{0:57} It's ok to ask for help

{4:49} Don't let the little tasks weigh you down

{8:34} How to find a handyperson

{11:45} A handyperson is handier than you think

{15:28} What's the worst that can happen?

{18:32} Don't be afraid to make requests

{20:50} The little things can make a big difference

{28:28} Don't leave jobs half done

{34:10} It is definitely ok to hire somebody

Mentioned on this episode:

Ready to ask someone to help you in your home, but overwhelmed with where to start? Keep it simple with my 3 E’s Checklist you can download now to move your projects forward without all the overwhelm and stress! Just fill in your name and email address and the checklist will come straight to your inbox!

Have more than 3 things to accomplish? No problem! Once you’ve completed your first list of Essentials, Enhancements, and Extras simply start a new one. Instead of having a million things on your list at first, which is a recipe for overwhelm, choose 3 things for your focus. Then move on to the next 3. You’ve got this!

For more resources to organize and style your busy life in 3 simple steps, checkout and connect with me on Instagram @everythingwithstylemom for some organization motivation!

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