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Episode 099: A Game-Changing Shower


This week I’m sharing how something as simple as a shower can be a game changer for motivation and productivity!

As a busy mom of littles, running my business, running the household, running errands, pretty much just running all the time, I knew I needed to make those buzz words, “self care,” a serious priority this year. It’s easy to get burnt out, when constantly spinning our wheels, mentally and physically, and we moms tend to put our needs lower on the to-do list than we should.

So I’m sharing 3 simple steps to prioritize self care:

1. Communicate your needs.

2. Shoot for 1% better.

3. Plan ahead (to set yourself up for success).

For me, it’s an uninterrupted shower that I need more regularly to feel like the person I want to show up in the world! Because it’s so simple, I put it off and deem it less important than other “to do’s.” However, the feeling of washing away the heaviness of the day and feeling refreshed before beginning another day is now a non-negotiable.

Highlights from this episode:

(03:46) The importance of self care for your productivity

(06:41) Why showering is a game-changer for me

(11:02) Set yourself up for success with the 3 E’s

(15:48) Why this is a lifestyle choice for 2022

Mentioned on this episode:

I hope this episode inspires you to prioritize whatever simple self-care routine is important to you. Show yourself some love because you are special and deserving of that time.

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