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Episode 109: BOOK EXCERPT Organize on Autopilot


This week’s excerpt comes from a chapter filled with many ways to keep up with organization systems you’ve put in place without even thinking about it!

When you’re a multitasking supermom, you’re often doing all the things that need attention with your kids, in your home, perhaps at work, chauffeuring kids around in your car, doing laundry, & even grocery shopping for the week on autopilot.

Why not use that superpower to stay organized?

I’m offering lots of examples in this chapter of my book and couldn’t help but pull a teaser of it with some softball/baseball references since we are in the middle of that season with my son and because I love a good sports analogy!

Highlights from this episode:

(02:30) We are what we repeatedly do

(06:53) Be an example to your kids

(10:32) The joy of making beds

(15:45) A busy mom’s job is never done

(21:12) Purge before birthdays and holidays

(24:41) Play to your strengths

Mentioned on this episode:

I hope this episode encourages you to put in some effort in the beginning and enjoy the many benefits of organizing on autopilot!

Head over to to find out more about my book available April 25, 2022 on Amazon!

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Big news:

So thrilled to announce that The Mom’s Organization Motivation Podcast won the BEST HOME & LIFESTYLE PODCAST Award for 2022 in the international Podcasting for Business Awards! Thank you for listening and supporting this podcast. It’s been so much fun to produce each week for you. Thanks to The Podcast Boutique for all your help!

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