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Episode 093: Make Memories Not Clutter


Last week, I suggested 3 types of gifts to give that won’t lead to clutter this holiday season. (Checkout visual examples on my YouTube Channel! Find link below.)

This week, I’m sharing ways you can give the gift of experiences that make lasting memories! Here are some simple ways to do that.

Of course I’m sticking with the 3E’s:

Essential: Focus on creating experiences

Enhancement: Involve the family with planning

Extra: Choose to support a cause in lieu of gifts

The results of this type of gift giving and gift receiving will yield benefits for years to come. Listen to this episode for more detail about how this will be truly rewarding for all involved and most certainly avoid clutter buildup in your lovely home!

Highlights from this episode:

{2:31} Even too much really cool stuff could become clutter

{7:44} Creating family invitations together

{10:24} Inspire your kids to give back to a good cause

{14:40} Quality of memories over quantity of gifts

Mentioned on this episode:

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I hope this episode gave you some ideas for minimizing the gifts that can lead to clutter, and maximized the possibilities of creating new memories through gift-giving for your loved ones!

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