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Episode 155: Get Organized or Die Trying


If you find yourself saying, you’ll “try” to do something more often than actually “committing” to it, this episode is for you.

This topic has been on my list for a while, and I’m always amazed at God’s timing of sending signs when the time is right!

From an Instagram reel with clarifying words, to sound advice from a coach and friend, and too many recent passings of young people, I feel like the message He’s sending is hard to ignore.

Join me for a conversation about committing to your desires and the urgency to do it.

Highlights from this episode:

(01:08) A sprinkling of inspiration

(07:57) Commitment is more than “trying” to do something

(10:16) Who’s teaching me?!

(14:54) Clear eyes, full hearts

(18:47) Clutter is a physical and mental barrier

(22:46) Shooting for 1% better

Mentioned on this episode:

Here’s something to think about:

What do you need to stop “trying” to do, and start “committing” to?

What’s one simple step you can take today to move forward?

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