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Episode 032: Kitchen Cabinet Organization


Whether you have exposed shelving, glass-front, or fully covered kitchen cabinets, this episode offers solutions for organization that are both beautiful and functional! 

When you have kids, you may find that your cabinets are bursting with bottles, sippy cups, water bottles, and every cartoon character accessory known to man. On this episode, I stress the importance of always doing that consistent, regular purge of items you aren’t using anymore (kids’ stuff, holiday items, or one-off randoms), and grouping like items together. This practice will keep them less cluttered and easier to maintain. 

Additionally, I share some of my favorite ways to maximize your space, put in the proper organization bins, and style those kitchen uppers and lowers so they are working best for you and your family! 

If you find yourself using your cabinets for pantry items like dry food, baking ingredients, canned food, spices, and more, the previously recorded pantry episode (see link below) will be a great backup resource for ideas to organize those. Similarly, it works if you are using your pantry space for cabinet items, such as glassware, small appliances, plates, bowls, etc. Another episode to consider when organizing and styling your shelving is the sixth episode, which discusses ways to maximize your vertical space. Click the links below to listen to those episodes.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{5:36} The 3 Es’ Philosophy applied to your kitchen cabinet organization

{8:41} Good roles and practices in your home

{10:45} How to organize your kitchen cabinet

{14:32} The style of your cabinet

{22:10} Maximize your vertical space

{25:36} Your kitchen cabinet as a pantry

Mentioned on this episode:

Organization bins and storage solutions from 

Ready to get organized in your kitchen or any other room in your home, but need a little assistance? Click on my Online Home Course to read more about what it offers and check out the 2 payment plan options to accommodate your organization budget! 

For more resources like my FREE Masterclass head over to and follow me @everythingwithstylemom on Instagram for more organization motivation!

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