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Episode 045: Living in Organization Limbo


Who can relate to having a few (or a lot) of things that are in between wearing or using? If you have kids, especially, you may understand hanging on to some hand-me-downs they haven’t quite grown into yet, or might be hanging on too long to things you should probably let go.

This can be true for furniture, or bedding, or any other things you’ve gotten a while ago that may not be your style these days, but you want to keep for now because it does the job.

That’s what I call living in organization limbo.

It can be tricky to know the best way to organize and style these items. So, on this episode I suggest some ways to contain these things while in limbo and how to be grateful for what you have right now.

Highlights from this episode:

{4:16} What is organization limbo?

{8:12} Organizing the items we want to keep but don't need yet into properly labeled bins

{8:59} Being grateful for furniture you have

{13:14} Using the 3 E's in 2021 to map out your year of organizing

{14:25} Using clear plastic bins to contain your child's hand-me-downs

{15:23} Deciding on the items you'll use again and which you'll purge

{19:01} Paige's Top 3's

{20:51} Displaying your sentimental items

Mentioned on this episode:

Paige’s Top 3’s for organizing your home, wardrobe, kids, schedule, and heart!

For more resources on how to organize and style your life in 3 simple steps, head over to and @everythingwithstylemom on Instagram for some organization motivation!

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