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Episode 036: Growing Up Organized with Isabelle Killian


After much persistence in asking to be on the podcast, my sweet girl, Isabelle, shares what it’s been like growing up organized! What a treat to have her on to discuss how organization in her home and schedule has affected her life positively, especially during this Thankfulness Series on the podcast. 

I was amazed to hear her 10-year-old organization analogies and impressively grownup perspective on what it’s meant to her to feel like she’s been able to make her space her own. She talks about how it feels to have the freedom to style her room, workspace for schoolwork and artwork, and play area. 

She also discusses what it’s been like to have a professional organizer as a mom. This answer had me laughing! 

Grab your kiddos and enjoy this episode together for some organization motivation!

Highlights from this episode: 

{2:13} Introduction to Isabelle

{3:37} What does it mean to be organized for a kid?

{6:45} It’s easier to be organized and make everything accessible

{14:16} The importance of letting kids find their style for their spaces

{21:41} What it’s like growing up with a super-organized mom

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