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Episode 064: Let Grace Gather


We’re ending this month of celebrating Moms strong with my wise and very real guest, Joanna Ennis!

She is the Mom of five awesome kids, each with their own very distinct personalities, strengths, and needs, who she and her supportive husband are raising with faith, a good sense of humor, and loads of grace.

She reminds us that this job of mothering is noble and no one else could do exactly what we do for our families in our own special way.

She’s a passionate speaker, who always keeps it real and isn’t afraid to be bold when pursuing the plans God has for her personally, her family, and those of us blessed enough to know her.

Highlights from this episode:

{3;47} How do five children impact life?

{5:09] The inspiration for most of my stories

{9:53} A really peculiar season

{11:48} Holding it together for the kids

{14:50} Raising a family is noble work

[18:14} Finding strength during dark periods

{21:54} Domestic duties never became more pressing

{23;37} Overcoming pride

{27:27} The uncharted territory of Covid

{31:00} Turning to faith in challenging times

{34:00} Re-flexing our being together muscles

{37:45} Turning grace into positive action

Mentioned on this episode:

To connect with Joanna, email her directly at

I know you’ll be moved by her message. It’s important and valuable for us to remember that God grants us grace, should we choose to accept it, and that can lead to the most beautiful blessings.

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