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Episode 143: Overscheduled to a Fault


If you’re wondering if you or your kids should take on one more thing, here are 3 ways to get clarity.

1. Essential: Communicate with your family.

2. Enhancement: Create a hard calendar.

3. Extra: Communicate with coaches/teachers.

This week I’m sharing how we were able to decide if and when to commit to a few new activities. We kept in mind that we need time for rest and want to make sure we are all showing up well for the things we put on our calendar.

See where the commitments overlap and if they are too much or only temporary. Don’t spread yourself too thin, and prioritize what you’re most passionate about.

Highlights from this episode:

(02:56) Anxiety can be crippling

(04:49) The season of trying new things

(08:10) How much is too much?

(12:07) Family affairs

(15:28) Don’t be afraid to say what you need

(17:37) The game-changer every family needs

Mentioned on this episode:

I hope this episode encourages you to check in with family and those who’ll be involved in the activities you’re considering adding to your calendar. Find a way to be respectful of everyone’s time, while still finding ways to have new experiences. Don’t forget to factor in some downtime so you don’t feel overscheduled!

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