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Episode 016: Push Pause and Restart


This week’s episode is all about pausing life when it gets stressful, then pushing the restart button when you’re ready. I frame it like a movie, and confess that sometimes I feel like that’s exactly what I’m living in. Life gets overwhelming sometimes, especially during a pandemic, and you may wonder if this is real life! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to fast forward to the end of this scene and restart where it gets better, more interesting, or the kids are behaving the way you actually want them to?

Even in the good times, it’s kind of nice to push pause and live in the moment a bit longer before it gets close to the end. See? I really do think of life like a movie!

So often we busy moms get so overwhelmed but keep pushing through, without asking for help, without pausing to address our own needs, and certainly without giving ourselves credit for all the things we actually are accomplishing beautifully each day.

That’s why I created a mini course that’s all about giving yourself credit for the things you are doing that never even make it on your to do list! It’s a video from a mom talk I did a couple years ago with a quick and easy workbook to fill out as you listen, so you are sure to note what you need, what you really are getting done, and how you can give yourself more credit for those things.

Don’t worry, this isn’t just one more thing to add to your to do list. I’m a busy mom too. I wouldn’t do that to you! It’s good stuff, I promise.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:56} How we can all relate to imperfection

{3:22} Feeling the pressure to do it all

{4:49} All about the Mini Course

{11:58} How we can’t change some things but we can change how we react to them

{12:07} How to push pause and restart

{14:37} How a little ‘good’ stress can help to motivate you

{16:07} What the Bible tells us about falling short and what we can do about it

{17:45} Clearing the clutter to see the blessings

{19:09} Keeping things simple with the 3 E’s

So check out this link after you listen to the episode, that’ll offer you more support and tons of motivation to live your best movie life. And not to worry, if you get distracted or want to take notes, you can always push pause and restart when you’re ready!

Here’s the Kids and Schedule Mini Course link with the video, workbook, a snack and lunch demo perfect for getting you ready for the week when the kids are back to school, and even a Q&A with some moms in the audience:

In this episode, I referenced these online courses for additional support:

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