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Episode 118: Food Prep for Bible Studies


I’m off to Bible Study and wanted to share how I quickly prep some snacks and treats to go in 3 simple steps!

1. Use what you already have.

2. Thoughtfully choose food and drinks.

3. Consider transporting and serving.

It’s easy to opt out of Bible studies or book club meetups when life gets busy, but I’ve learned that making time for these always ends up being beneficial. It deepens my friendships, encourages me in my faith, helps me lean on friends when I need it most, and gives us that much-needed adult time when conversations with littles leave you feeling a little drained!

Highlights from this episode:

(01:26) We’re in the kitchen today

(04:46) A sucker for a Tootsie Roll

(07:33) Let the ‘who’ and ‘where’ guide your choices

(09:34) Extra Mom points

(13:09) Colorful foods pop more

(15:17) You can never be too prepared

Mentioned on this episode:

Jennie Allen’s Find Your People

Paige Killian’s I’ve Got You, Girlfriend!

I hope this offers lots of ideas for how to pack some yummy snacks for your next meetup with your friends. Remember it’s not necessary to make it super fancy (unless you want to!) if that feels like too much pressure. Keep it simple and focus on the time you are spending with new and dear friends. Have fun!

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