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Episode 69: I Had a Panic Attack


After recent success with a speaking program I completed, and receiving two awards for a talk I gave, panic started to set in when new opportunities flooded my inbox. 

As much as I had hoped for this to happen, I didn’t expect my body to respond the way it did, to higher levels of anxiety than I’m used to. What started as shock and excitement when I woke up to multiple new inquiries about my availability for interviews for TV, radio, podcast guest spots, magazine articles, and opportunities to fly to Canada and Texas to speak about getting organized, embracing change, and pivoting with confidence, ended with me lying on the ground outside, eyes closed, beside my car, as my kids watched me take deep breaths and wondered if I was okay. 


(1:58) Simplify and thrive!

(4:24) Nailing the work-life act

(8:19) The elephant on my chest

(13:17) Mastering self-regulation

(18:03) The impact of talking it out


My 4-Day Online Organizing Challenge was a great success! If you missed it, don’t worry. I’ll run the challenge again. Click the link for details and share with a friend. New dates TBD. 

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