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Episode 63: Do the Next Right Thing


It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with a huge list of things you want to accomplish, and often that causes paralysis by analysis. Instead of staying stuck, decide what small step you can take in the direction of your goals and implement it right now! 

Don't wait another minute to take action. No need to tackle it all at once. Simply choose to do the next right thing and be sure to communicate your plans to your people so they know your intentions. 

Listen to the end for a special prayer just for you. 


(2:10) Embrace the unknown 

(7:39) Dancing through chaos

(16:15) Your next right thing

(22:19) Sisterhood strength

(28:17) Glow and grow


My 4-Day Online Organizing Challenge was a great success! If you missed it, don’t worry. I’ll run the challenge again. Click the link for details and share with a friend. New dates TBD. 

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