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Episode 60: Take a Chance on Yourself


I get questions all the time from my clients, friends and family, and even strangers who ask me how I’ve been able to accomplish the things I have, like writing a book, starting a business, creating podcasts, becoming a speaker, all while still showing up for my family. 

I simply took a chance. 

I felt called to do those things, prayed a lot, did my research, focused on one thing at a time, asked for help, prayed some more, and put in the consistent work. 

It isn’t easy. If it were, everyone would do it! 

You’re not everyone. You don’t settle. You go after your dreams even when it’s hard. 

Now let’s talk about how we get it done…


(3:41) Back your brilliance

(7:41) God’s plan unfolds

(13:11) TEDx tension

(18:09) Hearts all-in

(22:41) Not today Satan


My 4-Day Online Organizing Challenge was a great success! If you missed it, don’t worry. I’ll run the challenge again. Click the link for details and share with a friend. New dates TBD. 

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