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Paige Killian

Dear Busy Mom,

As a professional organizer and speaker, I’ve been incredibly blessed to work with some amazing clients. These ladies have brought fun, lessons-learned, and lots of laughs into my life and business. When they knew they needed some backup, I was honored that they called me.


Check out some of the transformations they had and read their personal testimonials below. Ready for your own transformation? I'd love to help! Head over to the contact page and let me know how I can.

Happy Organizing,


To see before and after photos, follow my Instagram @everythingwithstylemom to view the transformations!


“The two spaces in my home that overwhelmed me were my laundry room and office.  When we moved into our new home, I knew I needed to stop making these two rooms the catch-all for everything.  Paige helped me to make my garage laundry room into an area that I love to do laundry and not loathe anymore.  She developed a clear vision, kept my budget in mind, and knew that making the space more my style would make me want to be in it more often! Paige also helped me with my office area.  Creating organized task-spaces for four different people in one room is no easy job, but she did it well, making the kids spaces so fun and exciting and the office area for my husband and I a space that we could find exactly what we were looking for.  I couldn't sing her praises more. Thank you, Paige, for all that you did to make our house function in its best way for our family!”

- Kristin, CA

Amy CA 2

“You all have no idea how Paige changed my life. Imagine getting up in the middle of the night to tinkle and walking across a veritable graveyard of sharp, pointy Legos. Anyone who has stepped on a Lego knows the level of pain to an unsuspecting walker. Paige changed all of that and helped me redeem my bedroom again. It's now a sanctuary, where I can read, relax, and sleep without worrying about losing the bottoms of my feet. Not to mention that it looks like a place for grownups, not little boys. I'm so thankful for Paige and getting my room back!”  

- Amy, CA


“When I hired Paige to come organize my kitchen, she entered my home through my garage disaster. She suggested we begin with a complete purge and organization of it first, since it is the first thing we see everyday. Her 3 E’s Philosophy not only transformed the look of the garage dramatically, it has eliminated stress and anxiety for everyone in our family, when we arrive home each day! She even helped us with a successful garage sale using her 3 E’s, once it was cleared of the clutter!”

- Teresa, TN

Liz NC.jpg

“Paige is a professional who understands the world of fashion and the necessity of dressing your best. No matter what dilemma you face or budget you have, She can help you conquer your world, one classy outfit at a time. I shared with Paige my dilemma and she immediately was able to counsel and guide me. Paige made a bullet-proof plan for me and I was amazed at all of the knowledge and tips she had. She never made me feel unimportant or uneducated, but instead beautiful and capable. In fact, she empowered me with the skills to dress my body in a way that would make me feel great. Her attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot is truly impressive…If you are on the fence about working with Paige, don't be. I promise you will not regret it!”  

- Liz, D.C.

Katie LA.PNG

“I cannot thank Paige enough for all of her help with getting my life organized!  Her 3 E’s Philosophy helped me breakdown daunting tasks that I used to procrastinate to the point of total stress.  I used to dread the weekends because they were spent catching up on all the chores, errands, etc. I couldn't bring myself to do them after a long days work during the week. Paige's course makes everything seem so simple, and now I find myself with free time and so much less stress.  Her program is a game changer and I would highly recommend it to anyone needing help just getting started.”  

- Katie, LA

Lacie CA.png

"We love everything about the pantry, and the placement of items makes perfect sense. You truly are amazing!! Thank you for all your time and hard work on this project. We appreciate it so much. We are also interested in having you help us organize our master closet.” 

- Lacie, CA

Margaret CA.PNG

“Hey LA Peeps! Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff you have accumulated over the years? Call Paige Killian!!! She is amazing! Those of you that know me well think my house is pretty tidy, but I was paralyzed by the crap shoved in my closets and drawers that I NEVER use anymore. The thought of a yard sale overwhelmed me. Paige will come to your house and either take care of it with you, without you or just get your engine started by simplifying the whole process. I am on such a roll that my husband and kids are worried they will wake up and find themselves in the trash can or out front for sale!”  

- Margaret, CA


"Paige, thank you for everything! The loft is beautiful and organized! So inviting for homework and crafting. I love it!!!!.” 

- Allison, CA

Carolyn LON.jpg

“If you are looking for the right amount of style, class and sparkle look no further than Paige from Everything With Style. As a personal stylist Paige has helped me pull together my outfits on a number of occasions for various events. Being 1000 miles away only means she will work harder to give you the look you desire to achieve. She has gone above and beyond in finding pieces that work with my budget and lifestyle. As a busy mom of 3 boys, I like to look put together on school runs or coffee mornings or fun date night with the Mister. She has an incredible sense of style that will make you look fabulous but also feel fabulous! Paige has been wonderful in helping me choose statement jewelry pieces that are incredibly fun and unique. Everyone needs to have Paige on speed dial!”

- Carolyn, LON

Kelly CA.jpg

“Yessssssss!!! Oh Paige, you are so brilliant – this makes me want to have a yard sale, even in this heat! I love how you ‘chunk things down’ to bite size pieces. Love love love!!!”  

- Kelly, CA

Sarah CA_edited.jpg

"Paige was an absolute pleasure to work with and very efficient with her time. She took the stress out of moving and had everything in its place quickly, making us feel at home.” 

- Sarah, CA

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