"Hotel Heaven"

August 21, 2016

You know that feeling that comes over you when you walk into a nice hotel? You feel instantly relaxed and at peace, as you survey the comfy bed, the decluttered nightstand, the tidy desk where you can set up your laptop, the empty closet and drawers to start fresh with your necessary belongings, and the luxurious bathroom with a clean countertop and fresh linens. 

Next you realize for however long you are staying in this place you won't see a mountain of laundry waiting to be done, you won't see dishes piled up in your sink, you won't see your children's toys taking over your space, and this will actually make you let out an audible sigh of relief.


There is a sense of calm and feeling of gratefulness that washes over you, knowing that for a short while you get to experience "Hotel Heaven." There's nothing like it! You immediately want to fall into the perfectly made bed, take a long shower or bubble bath, turn on the TV and watch all the shows you love uninterrupted, unpack your hand-picked items and place them in the welcoming closet and dresser, order room service, and if you are extra lucky...go check out the view, the pool, the gym, or the spa!

Are you planning your next getaway in your head now? Well, before you do, let me suggest that instead of spending a small fortune on a temporary fix at your favorite hotel, you take a moment to think about the possibility of having this be your reality everyday. WHAT?!?


Don't you think, no matter who you are or what your financial status or how many kids you have, everyone should get to experience "Hotel Heaven?" I do! Sometimes, because of our circumstances, we can't get away to a local or far away destination that brings us this relaxing, de-stressing, joy-filled, peaceful feeling. 


That stops NOW! It's time to bring "Hotel Heaven" to your Home! It's time to start making helpful changes to your Home, Wardrobe, Kids, & Schedule so that you (& your deserving family) can experience this amazing feeling everyday at your house! 

Are you immediately laughing off this possibility? Are you thinking I'm crazy for suggesting this? Well, I may be a little crazy sometimes, but I promise you that I take helping you find your personal "Hotel Heaven" VERY SERIOUSLY, my friend!


Why? Because I know you deserve it! I know how hard you work everyday. I know how it feels to have stress and need a sanctuary to make it all a little easier to handle. I want to be the Organization & Style Coach who takes you from stressed out constantly, to experiencing "Hotel Heaven" at least once or twice EVERY SINGLE DAY. How does that sound?


I'll leave you with 3 quick tips to get started, because you know how I love only 3 steps to success!

1. Make a quick List of your 3 E's that you'd like to see change in your Home, and include your family or roommates so you are all supporting this change.  (Find out more about my 3 E's Philosophy in previous blog posts. My 3 E's can be applied to any part of your life! It's basically deciding on your Essentials, Enhancements, & Extras you'd like to see change for the better in your living space, in regards to creating your "Hotel Heaven.")

2. Start Purging the Clutter TODAY and keep in mind that when you go to a hotel, it is completely clutter free, and yet, you still have everything you need! Hmmm, makes you wonder why you are holding on to so much stuff you aren't really ever using, huh? 


3. Implement the Change you want to see in your Home for you and your precious family. Take ACTION STEPS now, based on your List of 3 E's, while you are in the zone to achieve "Hotel Heaven."


Your first Action Step may be contacting me to help you get started and even coach you through the entire process. It would be a JOY for me to work with you to find this peace and relaxation in your Home, because I know the domino effect that happens when you start decluttering your space and start using the 3 E's Philosophy everyday! It's a game changer, friend!


Happy Organizing & Styling! I can't wait for you to experience "Hotel Heaven" everyday in your Home!





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